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  College Applications

College Application Process may become overwhelming. There are many steps to complete for an application such as forming a well-rounded profile, taking standardized tests, writing essays, getting letters of recommendations, completing the applications, following-up with the status of applications, e.g. A good application consists of all the required materials successfully prepared that represents the applicant in the best way possible. 

Our professional and experienced staff work closely with you to ensure that you are preparing your applications correctly and accurately. It is crucial to express yourself and your strengths carefully.

7th-12th Comprehensive Guidance Program

Senior year (12th grade) is the year to complete the college applications but not for preparations. The college readiness starts way before that. Typically, 7th grade is an excellent year to start working with a college guidance/coach.

One of the most valuable service you may receive is the long-term comprehensive college guidance services which may start as early as 7th grade.   Starting to take rigorous courses, maintaining a good GPA, advancing your academic skills, getting involved in extracurricular activities, and attending college courses or summer programs will make the difference when you apply for the colleges.

Do not procrastinate your dreams and the preparation for it.  Let's work together in this long journey.

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Essay Support 

Essay is an important component of the college application. Transcripts are showing the numbers, however it does not tell the personality and qualities of the student. Essay is the opportunity for student to express himself/herself. In other words, It is the voice of applicant and the most meaningful part to show what students want to tell about themselves.

What is expected from essays? Is your essay ready for submission? Would you like some feedback? Let us help you..

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Test Prep

Test preparation requires a plan and patience. If you have the patience and the desire, we can help you with your plan..

PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, e.g.. Which one(s) will you be taking and in which order? How will you study? Do you need private tutoring? Let's work and plan together.