Our Head Coach

Mr. Oz

Michael M. Oz (also known as Mr. Oz) has been working as a College Guidance for over 11 years. He has earned his masters degree (M.A.) in Counseling at Manhattan College and than Professional degree (P.D.) in school counseling in Manhattan College. Additionally, he attended the Harvard University’s special certification program for College Admissions.


He has been working as a college guidance in the public and private schools, and also giving services to students in the private setting. He has worked with domestic and international students (both oversees and in the U.S.). He has worked with over 500 students and placed them in over 100 different colleges and universities. Some of top colleges and Universities he helped his students to get accepted to are; Harvard College/University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Emory University, University of Virginia, University of Rochester, Spelman College, Boston College, Boston University, College of William and Marry, New York University, Rutgers University, Lehigh University, Hofstra University, Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John Fisher’s College, Pace University, Fordham University, Robert Wesleyan College, Ithaca College, Long Island University, Seton Hall University, Manhattan College, Many colleges in SUNY system (includes Binghamton, UB, Albany, Stony Brook, ESF, Oswego, Buff State, New Paltz, Alfred, Morrisville, Poly, e.g. ), CUNY system, PennState system, University of California system.


He offers comprehensive college readiness support program starting from 9th grade to the college enrollment. His philosophy is to form a balanced profile where students do their best in academics, and involving in extracurricular activities, that are most meaningful for the students’ interest and related to their career choices.


He also helps his students become college and career ready, forming the college list, test planning, help through essay writing process (a critical step as it is voice of the students), completing their application process, financial aid process (FAFSA, CSS profile, others), and enrollment process. One of the major issues that many college students face today is the challenges during the college freshman year which includes the students who were the top of their classes in the high school. We have such big drop out rate in the United States due to students' misconceptions about the college education and environment. Mr. Oz’s college readiness curriculum helps students to have a smooth transition to colleges and to be successful from day one.

Why do students need professional support? Unfortunately, looking at the the national average; every high school counselor has over 300 students in their caseload and it may be worse in some states. School counselors deal with primarily mental and emotional issues and certain school requirement as individual scheduling, state reporting, e.g. They can barely find time for college guidance for their students and individual attention is almost impossible for a regular basis. Moreover, students are still expected to form  well-rounded portfolio, be college ready, and apply to colleges. Management of this process with a professional help makes a big difference.