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How can you support your students?


Colleges in the United States evaluate every candidate by comparing the student with his/her peers, what is offered to them in their schools, and how did they utilize those opportunities. It is important to give a clear picture of the school to the colleges in order to give your students a fair chance of evaluation. We can help you to prepare the necessary materials that the colleges will be looking for..

Most common services we offer for you to offer your students are listed below:

1. Helping to prepare School Profile.

2. Getting CEEB Code

3. Planning an SAT Courses

4. Planning for core and elective courses

5. Planning for AP, PSAT, SAT exams

6. Planning for extra-curricular activities

7. College Readiness Curriculum

8. Providing Professional Development workshops

9. And more..


Letter of Recommendations

Are you writing letters of recommendations for your students and aren't sure what is important and expected? Let us help you…